Novelty Decoration

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  1. Alpine Birds 17Cm Ast
  2. Splendid Santa 22Cm
  3. Natural Angel Hanger 40Cm
  4. Glisten Angel Heart 19Cm
  5. Glisten Hanging Angel Heart
  6. Glisten Hanging Angel Star
  7. Novelty Merry Christmas Plaque
  8. Hanging Santa Pinecone Dec
  9. Hanging Snowman Pinecone Dec
  10. Santa Glitter Boot Red 38Cm
  11. Rustica Angel With Heart 19Cm
  12. Rustica Angel With Star 19Cm
  13. Nordic Standing Glitter Star 36Cm
  14. Wooden Standing Merry Christmas Tree 33Cm
  15. Wooden Standing Penguin 2 Assorted 22Cm
  16. Giant Hanging Candy Sweet 46Cm
  17. Moose Standing Green Scarf 73Cm
  18. Sitting Gonk Couple With Dangling Legs 2Ast 40Cm
  19. Sitting Gonk With Grey Beard 17x14x34Cm
  20. Gonk Grey With Long Hat 22x19x55Cm
  21. Standing Santa Red & Green Jumper With Bag & Cane 30Cm
  22. Standing Moose With Jumper 35x15x67Cm
  23. Hanging Gonk Dec In A Tray 25x17x13Cm
  24. Standing Gonk Holding Bag With Telescopic Legs 27x18x125Cm
  25. Sitting Angel Girl With Dangling Legs 10x7x46Cm
  26. Hanging Girl In A Tray 12Ast 25x17x18Cm
  27. Standing Boy & Girl 2Ast 17x9x59Cm
  28. Sitting Grey Gonk With Soft Legs & Hat 2Ast
  29. Sitting Boy & Girl Reindeer With Long Legs 2Ast
  30. Felt Santa Basket
  31. Felt Gingerbread House Basket
  32. Felt Santa Car Basket
  33. Felt Santa Round Basket Green
  34. Set of 2 Felt Snowman Picks
  35. Cupcake House Decoration Green 19x19x32Cm
  36. Large Deer Decoration Brown 33x22x49Cm
  37. Penquin Brown & Cream Looking Down 21x21x35Cm
  38. Hanging Owl Large White Eyes Closed 19Cm
  39. Gingerbread Family Decoration
  40. Santa Giftbox
  41. Snowman Giftbox
  42. Mushrooms Pack Of 24 Wdl
  43. White Standing Owl 2 Ast
  44. Hanging Wooden Santa Naughty/Nice Sign
  45. Giant Candy Hanging Oblate 33Cm
  46. Moose Sitting Red & Green Outfit 2Ast 35.5Cm
  47. Moose Welcome Sign 2Ast 33Cm
  48. Moose Hanging Decoration 2Ast 23Cm
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Items 1-48 of 140

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