Christmas Ornaments

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  1. 9.5" Hanging Candy Ornament
  2. Nativity Angel 10.5Cm
  3. Novelty Santa Snowglobe
  4. Novelty Penguin Snowglobe
  5. Nordic Ceramic House Gold 14.2Cm
  6. Nordic Ceramic Tree Gold 10Cm
  7. Mushroom Orange 7.6Cm Wdl
  8. Snowy Wooden Birds 2 Ast
  9. Pick Ice Skates 2 Ast
  10. Wooden Angel Sitting 2 Assorted 11Cm
  11. Wooden Reindeer Sitting 2 Assorted 14Cm
  12. MR And Mrs Mouse Standing 2 Asstd Trd
  13. MR And Mrs Fox Standing Trd
  14. Polar Bear Paws Up Ornament 11Cm Crf
  15. Polar Bear Laid Back Ornament 9Cm Crf
  16. Polar Bear Ornament 11Cm Crf
  17. Ceramic Angel Holding Star White Small
  18. Gnome with knitted hat and Jumper 12X9X18
  19. Deer Head Dec Silver 15Cm
  20. Fabric Green Gonk S2 14x13x35Cm
  21. Ceramic & Fabric Red Gonk M 9.5x9x22Cm
  22. Ceramic & Fabric Black Gonk M 9.5x9x22Cm
  23. Magnesia White Gonks With Tree & LED Light 26.5x19.5x47Cm
  24. Magnesia Gingerbread Reindeer LED light 28x9x37Cm
  25. Fabric Grey Gonk With Long Hat L 22x19.5x103.5Cm
  26. Candy Swirl Dec Flat 48Cm
  27. Candy Red & White Dec 15Cm
  28. Candy Red & White Hanging Dec 18Cm
  29. Squirrel With Jumper Brown 13Cm
  30. Bird With Earmuffs Brown 15Cm
  31. Candle Holder Eucalyptus Tealights 23Cm
  32. Moose Red 32Cm
  33. Reindeer Laying Down Brown 33Cm
  34. Deer With Spots Grey 46Cm
  35. Deer With Spots Grey 21Cm
  36. Mushroom With Moss 15Cm
  37. Gingerbread Man Cupcake Green 50Cm
  38. White Owl With Glitter 21Cm
  39. Metal Standing Reindeer Pink 22Cm
  40. Metal Sitting Angel White 25Cm
  41. Wooden Angel White 19Cm
  42. Metal White Dancing Fairy on Base 29cm
  43. Standing Reindeer With Blue Scarf 15x16x35Cm
  44. Skiing Santa With Grey Coat 9x7x12Cm
  45. Skiing Santa With Pink Coat 9x7x12Cm
  46. Metal Bowl Gold Santa 16Cm
  47. Metal Santa With Star Gold 37Cm
  48. Mr And Mrs Fox With Santa Hats Sitting 2Ast Trd
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Items 1-48 of 237

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